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Louisville Football: Cardinals 2021 game-by-game predictions

The Louisville football team was a difficult squad to label in 2020. Will this year serve the Cardinals a different fate?

Louisville Football did not look too flattering at face value last season; the Cardinals finished with a 4-7 record while facing the mediocre competition of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their best-quality win was a 48-16 blowout over the abysmal Florida State Seminoles, which took place in Kentucky.

However, the Cards were anything but consistent last year, and that may have oddly resulted in them holding a glimmer of hope for the season on the horizon.

During their 2020 stretch, Louisville beat Western Kentucky in a fierce battle and got walloped by the horrid Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.

But in that same exact run, Notre Dame (a playoff team last year) barely escaped the Cardinals in Indiana, by a sobering score of 12-7. Also, They had Miami in a shootout which ultimately left the Hurricanes as the victors with a final tally of 47-34.

To summarize, Louisville cemented themselves as a power that should never be slept on, no matter how unsatisfactory they appeared.

Can 2021 be an opportunity for the Cards to look as good as they can play? In a weaker conference, could they possibly sneak their way up to the top? Could they even be so strong that they become Clemson’s biggest obstacle in the ACC? Here are the game-by-game predictions for the Louisville Cardinals in the season to come.


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