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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

You can make a gift to Notre Dame through a variety of methods that directly impact Our Lady’s University and her students.

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You can make a gift to Notre Dame through a variety of methods that directly impact Our Lady’s University and her students.

There are many ways to make a gift to the University of Notre Dame. Below are some of the most common ways to make a gift, whether it is to a specific area of the University that you are passionate about or to the Notre Dame Fund that goes to areas of greatest need. More information about each of these areas can be found below.

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One-time online gift not for you? Here are a number of other ways you can make an impact.

  • Planned Giving

    Thoughtfully structured planned gifts have the unparalleled potential to sustain and grow the University’s ability to serve a world deeply in need, while often affording exceptional financial and tax benefits to our planned gift benefactors.

  • Corporate Giving

    Our Corporate Relations team builds mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate partners. Collaborating with Notre Dame’s world-class faculty, staff, and students, puts businesses in a better position to build their future.

  • Foundation Giving

    Our Foundation Relations team is the gateway between Notre Dame’s academic innovation and private philanthropic organizations that build thriving, mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Faculty & Staff Giving

    Our faculty and staff offer an unparalleled collegiate experience to students through their tireless contributions to the University’s mission, including through financial gifts and payroll deduction.

  • Matching Gifts

    You can maximize your charitable contribution to Notre Dame through matching gifts, a special benefit many companies offer their employees.

  • Monthly Giving

    Monthly gifts of any size make an ongoing impact on Notre Dame’s distinct mission while providing you convenient scheduling options.

  • IRA Charitable Rollover

    If you 70 1/2 years of age or older, an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift will alllow you to make a gift to Notre Dame and reduce your tax liability.

        <ul><li>               <p><img src="https://giving.nd.edu/assets/395278/icon_credit_cards.svg" width="160" height="160" /></p>               <p><a href="https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/how-to-give/online-gift/">Online Gift</a></p>             </li>                           <li>               <p><img src="https://giving.nd.edu/assets/395290/icon_phone_money.svg" width="160" height="160" /></p>               <p><a href="https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/how-to-give/phone/">Phone</a></p>             </li>                           <li>               <p><img src="https://giving.nd.edu/assets/395287/icon_envelope_money.svg" width="160" height="160" /></p>               <p><a href="https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/how-to-give/mail/">Mail</a></p>             </li>                           <li>               <p><img src="https://giving.nd.edu/assets/395281/icon_loop_arrows.svg" width="160" height="160" /></p>               <p><a href="https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/how-to-give/wire-transfer/">Wire Transfer</a></p>             </li>                           <li>               <p><img src="https://giving.nd.edu/assets/395279/icon_home_equity.svg" width="160" height="160" /></p>               <p><a href="https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/how-to-give/securities/">Securities</a></p>             </li>                         </ul>


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