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Old Dominion tells us they put together a totally unplanned album in 2020

As RADIO.COM’s Katie Neal welcomed Old Dominion on to Superstar Power Hour as co-hosts this week, the band opened up about their whirlwind of a year, and most importantly Matt, Trevor, Whit, Geoff, and Brad share what they’ve accomplished and surprised themselves with in 2020.

<p>Listen to your favorite Country music now on <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">RADIO.COM.</a></p>    <p>Aside from baking, RV traveling, and picking up new hobbies throughout the pandemic, Old Dominion released “The Meow Mix” an entire remix of their most recent self-titled album done completely in “meows.” When asked about who had the idea for this and who actually decided they should go for it the band shares, “everybody always wants to know whose idea was it, but it was a collective thing…we’re one mind when it comes to that ridiculous thing.” Matthew laughs, “we kept waiting on people to stop us, but nobody stopped us.”</p>                   <p>When asked about the story behind “One Man Band,” Matthew explains that the idea for the song came up while on their tour bus and the ideas started flowing for the song all at once, adding “sometimes the idea just kind of hits you.” He continues, “I kind of nudged Brad and was like, ‘hey we gotta write this song called ‘One Man Band.’’” As 2020 was such an isolating year for people, the Old Dominion song has taken on a new meaning for many and become somewhat of an anthem for those continuing to grapple with the distance we still face.</p>    <p>“Never Be Sorry,” the band's most current single, serves as the perfect breakup song. Trevor tells us, “there’s always a magic in the juxtaposition of like the happy melody with the sad lyric or the sad melody with a happy lyric. I don’t know there’s something that that creates, for us, it’s like they can’t all be super slow sad songs…you gotta wrap it up and disguise it as a happy dance song.”</p>             <blockquote class="instagram-media"></blockquote> <p><a href="">Old Dominion’s</a> self-titled album has been out for a year now, and the band has just wrapped on an upcoming album. The group shares that this 2020 LP was not planned but all came about due to the time on everyone’s hands in 2020.</p>    <p>“We definitely saw an opportunity to do something different,” says Matt. The band left Nashville to write in a new location and “spend some real time on something.” Having never had the opportunity to put this much time into a body of work the band wasn’t sure what they’d come up with. Matt explains that they expected to get four or five good songs out of their three weeks in a studio located in Asheville, North Carolina but ended up with a whole album. The band would write directly in the studio and be able to record right away.</p>             <p>This next chapter of Old Dominion will be “different.” “We made an album that we definitely couldn’t have made here in Nashville I think, just because… our lives are here and there’s a lot to do,” Matt says. The band wrote different types of songs because the pressure of daily life was not there in Asheville.</p>    <p>While the different sounds of album number four for Old Dominion is not here just yet, the band promises it will arrive sometime in the future.</p>    <p>Check out Old Dominion's full interview with Katie Neal above.</p>    <p>LISTEN NOW on the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">RADIO.COM App</a><br />Follow RADIO.COM<br /><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Facebook</a> | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Twitter</a> | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Instagram</a></p>


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