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3/3/15 Nebraska Annual Spring Red White Game Tickets are available. 

New first year coach Mike Riley as brought some new optimizim towards the Nebraska Husker Football program. Mike has asked that the 2015 Spring Red White game be a sell out. Get your Husker Football spring game tickets now before it does sell out!

2/7/15 2015 Nebraska Recruiting Class Rankings Are In

First year coach Mike Riley took off where Pellini left, outside of the top 25 in recruiting class rankings. Granted  this is his first class, and things could have been worse like at Michighan. Sports Illustrated recently ranked all classes over the last 4 years and the huskers rank 29th. Nebraska brought in 20 players to its 2015 class. It had 3 four star and 16 three star recruits. Nebraska was unable to get a 5 star player. Mike riley also had zero recruits from the Pacific northwest, including Oregon. Go Big Red. 


12/4/2014 Mike Riley takes over at Nebraska

 Shortly after the Huskers announced the suprise move to fire Bo Pelini, the Huskers, equally surprised Husker nation by hiring Mike Riley. Mike Riley has some great pedigree, but Husker nation was expecting a big name. Mike Riley will do fine in the long run if he can continue to recruit and turn b chip players into all stars. It was clear when the Huskers fired Bo Pelini they had some sort of succession plan in play. It didn’t take long for the Huskers to replace the temperamental head coach. The Huskers found and hired Mike Riley, who is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The hiring didn’t come as a surprise to how quick it was made, but more so how off the radar Mike Riley was on all the experts lists. Ticket Express ran a contest to name the next coach and out of 600 entries not one put down Mike Riley… Even though Nebraska said they fired Bo Pelini for not winning enough, it is clear after this hire, that wins weren’t as much as important as the right behaviors. The oddest part of the hire is that Mike Riley is 62 years old and he will probably need to be replaced sooner than later. Mike Riley will bring his long tenured cool and calm demeanor to the Huskers, the only question, as with any new hire, is was this the right move. It will be determined. Go Huskers!!!

11/30/2014 Bo Pelini out as Nebraska Head Coach

In a rather stunning move the University of Nebraska has fired its head coach, Bo Pelini. This follows the game where the Huskers tied its own recrod with overcoming a 17 point deficit to year end rivals Iowa. Shawn Eichorst said that he met with Bo Pelini for about 20 minutes to let him know early Sunday morning. This move may be highly debated but it is no secret that Bo Pelini has the perception of being a hot head and that perception may hurt recruits. The Huskers not only have failed to finish in the top 25 the last several years, but also have failed to produce the same quality, quantity and caliber of NFL draft picks. Producing draft picks is an important part of recruiting and establishing the program. Who will coach the huskers now? Will Nebraska take a risk on an unexperienced Scott Frost, will the Huskers return to Craig Bohl, or someone off the grid. Since the huskers did this move following a vicitory to Iowa it appears as if the plan was contrived previously. The Huskers better have some willing coach waiting in the wings or it could get ugly. Who would you love to see coach your Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

11/3/14 Huskers Beat Purdue

The Huskers keep on rolling in the wins. They moved up all polls including the College Football Playoff poll. The Huskers are now talking about reaching the national championship game, although it would be an obvious long shot. The Huskers have a bye week then travel to Wisconsin for a Big Red Match up. The Huskers need all the wins they can against quality opponents to continue to rise in the polls. Get yourHusker vs Badgers football tickets now. 

11/16/14 Huskers fall to Wisconsin

The Huskers were dominated by the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday. The game came following a by week and yet the Huskers still couldn’t put together a game plan that would work. A lot of the Nebraska corn husker faithfull are back at asking that Bo Pelini be fired. Will the Huskers ever fire Bo Pelini? Up next for the Huskers is a game against the Minnesota Golden Golphers. The Golphers upset the huskers last year and the Huskers are looking to avenge that loss. Be sure to get your Minnesota vs Nebraska football tickets as the game marks Senior day and will be the last chance for people to see Ameere Abuddula prior to going pro. Go huskers!!!

10/27/14 Huskers Beat Rutgers, up next Purdue

The Huskers are queitly having a nice solid football season. The Huskers didn’t go up the polls after thewin, but still showed a realitively balanced offense and defense attach. The Huskers welcome the Purudue Boilermakers this weekend in Lincoln. Nebraska vs Purdue Football Tickets will be in hot deman. Get your Husker vs Boilermakers tickets now and skip the ticket line. 

10/20/14 Huskers Dominate Northwestern

After a bye week, and a close loss to Michighan State, the Huskers rebounded with a convincing win over Northwestern. The Huskers moved up to 16th in both the A.P. and Usa Today Coached poll. The Huskers welcome Rutgers, a new commer to the B1G 10, for Rutgers ever first visit to Lincoln. Nebraska vs Rutgers tickets are available now. 

10/6/2014 Huskers Fall to Michigan State

The Huskers nearly made an incredible comeback on 
Saturday to beat the Spartans. The Huskers ended up loosing 27-22. The Huskers hope to redeam themselves and face the Spartans in the BIG10 Championship game. Up next for the Huskers is the Northwestern Wildcats after a one week bye. 

9/30/14 Husker Beat Illinois, up Next Undefeated Michigan State

The Huskers have moved up both polls with their 45 – 14 win over Illinois this past weekend. The Michigan State vs Nebraska game is on national t.v. this weekend but tickets to see the game live are in hot demand. Get yourMichigan State vs Nebraska football tickets. 

9/22/14 Huskers beat Miami and welcome Illinois

Come and join the Husker football program this Saturday as the Huskers take on Illinois. The 4-0 Huskers will be taking on the Illinois Football program Saturday for their Homecoing Game.  Cheer on the Huskers to their 5th victory and wish them well against Rose Bowl Champions Michigan State. The Huskers made it back to the AP poll with the win over Miami, and moved up the poll in the Coaches poll. Ameer Abudulah also became the all-time all-purpuse yards Husker player in history for the Huskers. 

9/16/2014 Huskers Thump Fresno St. 

Nebraska Huskers rebounded from a bad win buy destroying the Fresno St. Bulldogs. The Huskers won 55-19. The game was a late pacific time kick off and went into the late hours in the central and eastern time zone. The huskers were lead by true freshmen De’Mornay Pierson-El amazing punt returns. Tommy Armstrong continues to pass the ball effectivly. The Huskers now face the Miami Hurricanes and Tickets for the Miami Nebraska Football Game will be in top demand. Hopefully the Huskers win and can face Michighan State still undefeated. With the win over the Bulldogs, the Huskers entered both polls. 

9/7/2014 Huskers Escape defeat with a late 4th Quarter TD

Huskers beat McNeese ST. over the weekend 31-24 on a late 4th qtr touchdown from Ameer Adbullah. He caught a short out pass and turned it into a 58 yard td scamper. The Huskers kind of got caught up in a anti B1G Ten vote over the weekend and fell out of the A.P. The Huskers face a Carr-less Fresno St. this weekend prior to their historic battle against Miami. Hopefully the Huskers can rebound vs Fresno St. and be better mentally prepared for the Miami battle. Nebraska vs Fresno ST. Tickets are available at Ticket Express. 


8/31/2014 Huskers open up with a convincing victory.

The Husker beat Florida Atlantic 55-7 over the weeked to open up the 2014 NCAA college football season. The huskers dominated both sides of the ball. The Husker offense totalled more than 700 total years. Up next is McNeese St. 

8/5/2014 2014 Husker Tickets Printed and Mailed

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln released its 2014 Husker Tickets this week. That means that all ticket holders should be on the lookout for tickets in their mailboxes. If you aren’t a season ticket holder, we have tickets to every home and away 2014 Husker football game.

8/1/2014 Huskers 2014 Coaches Poll Preseason Ranking

The Huskers are ranked 22 in the USA Today Coaches preseason Poll.  The Ohio State Buckeyes are the highest ranking Big 10 team followed by the Michigan State Spartans. The Huskers play the Spartans in Lincoln this year. The Iowa Hawkeyes are not ranked in the top 25. The Hawkeyes are predicted to win the division per the Omaha World Herald. This season will be a test for the Huskers in their efforts to breaking out of mediocrity. 

5/13/2014 Several Huskers Get Drafted in 2014 NFL Draft

Hail the mighty Nebraska Football Program. They reached yet another historic milestone. The Nebraska Football Program became the 5th school to have 350 players drafted into the NFL. Granted this is an awesome feat, it would be nice if the program was making history with win related records. Ticket Express wishes all the 2014 drafted Huskers the best. 

3 players were drafted in round 1-7.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste second round (58 overall) New Orleans Saints

Spencer Long third round (78 overall) Washington Redskins

Quincy Enunwa sixth round (209 overall) New York Jets.

2014 Undrafted Husker free agents at the time of press.

Taylor Martinez Philadelphia Eagles

Cole Pensick Kansas City Cheifs

Jeremiah Sirles San Diego Chargers

Brent Qvale New York Jets

Mohammed Seisay Detroit Lions

Andrew Green Miami Dolphins

Jason Ankrah Houston Texans

Go Huskers!!!

4/30/2014 Bleacher Report Puts Nebraska #1

In an article today, Bleacher Report predicts the Huskers to take the Big 10 title in 2014. The author really didn’t state any thing specific, nor was his argument cogent. University of Nebraska Football tickets will be hardly available for the Michighan St. rematch. Husker Tickets will probably be cheaper than Ohio St’s tickets. 

4/12/2014 Bo Pelini loves his cat. 

With an ongoing prank between faux bo pelini (twitter) and the real Bo Pelini, Bo Pelini came out of the tunnel walk holding a cat. For the people who aren’t in the know, may have no clue what Bo was doing. For over the last 5 years or so a Twitter handle @fauxbopelini has been bad mouthing the real coach. The account started to send fake pictures of the coach holding a cat. Bo was caught in a photo boarding a plane to visit a recruit holding a cat crate. Coach Pelini hasn’t really addressed why he is addressing the fake twitter account. None the less, the people who are in the know, love the silly madness of it all. All this madness will probably be indicative of an increase in husker tickets demands. 

2/11/14 2014 Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Recruiting Class Rankings

The Huskers coming off of a bowl victory over an SEC team for the first time all decade ended up ranking nationally 35th, and 5 within the Big 10. Over the last 10 years this class has the lowest average star ranking, though it is not indicative of a bad year. The Huskers gained a lot of value at positions of needs. Tom Osbourne really never put a lot of stock into rankings and often said it was more about what you did with the player once they arrived. The class is headlined by one of the top RB’s in the nation with Mikale Wilbon from Illinois. Several instate Nebraska players were included as either scholarship, walk ons, or practive squad members. Luke Gifford a saftey from Lincoln South East, DJ Fost a Guard also from South East and Mick Stoltenberg a defensive end from Gretna are the only known scholarship instate players at the time of publishing. The Husker Program has started to see even more scouting rivarly within the Big 10 since the arrival of Urban Myer. Expecations are high in Lincoln for the 2014 season and husker tickets will be in greater demand.


2/1/2014 Husker Tickets & Date For Red White Game 

The University of Nebraska has announced that the annual Nebraska Football Red White Game Preseason Scrimmage will be on Sat April 12, 2014. This game will and always have been a sell out. There seems to be a lot of excitement growing towards the Huskers 2014 season and the Red White Game allows for us fans to see the product Bo Pelini is bringing to the field. The game will be a sell out and finding husker tickets for this game or any game may be difficult. Plan a head. 


1/20/14 Nebraska Football Cornhusker 2014 Pre-Season Ranking

In a recent article USA Today pre-season football rankings put the 2014 Huskers at 16. Coming off of a nice bowl victory over an SEC team the Huskers may be bound for a greater 2014 campaign. The bowl victory was the first since 2009.

It all depends on if their Running Back Ameer Abdullah returns for his 2014 senior season. Tommy Armstrong will have to battle Stanton for starting quarterback. has ranked No. 38 nationally and No. 6 in the Big Ten for their 2014 recruiting class. Tom Osborne was never really into what rank the class was, he was more interested in what the recruits became while transitioning into the college game. Nebraska football tickets will be in a demand for 2014.


1/1/2014. Nebraska Cornhuskers Beat Georgia in Tax Slayer Bowl

Bo Pelini and the Nebraska Cornhusker football team started 2014 with a bang. Huskers started 2014 with a nice win over SEC team Georgia. Tommy Armstrong had a nice 100 yard touchdown pass. Facing a 3rd-and-14 at its own one-yard line, Nebraska’s Tommy Armstrong, Jr., dropped and heaved a pass to Quincy Enunwa for a 99-yard touchdown strike. That gave the Cornhuskers a 24-12 lead with 6:32 left in the third quarter. WR Quincy Enunwa, caught four passes for 129 yards and two touchdowns in his final game for the huskers. Quincy Enunwa draft projection is late rounds. He should probably go in the 7th round and look for him to change to T.E. in the pro’s. 2014 should produce a demand for husker tickets.

 Ameer Abdullah, ran 27 times for 122 yards and a touchdown. It was vintage Abdullah. And it was his 11th 100-yard rushing game of the season. He ran for 98 and 85 yards in the two games he failed to reach the century mark. The Big Ten’s top rusher finished with 1,690 yards. The Huskers can only hope he returns for the 2014 season. If he does, and the huskers do well, look for him to be a Heisman Finalist come December and Big 10 player of the year.


10/7/2013. Nebraska Cornhusker Football Breaking News!

Tommy Armstrong continues to impress the Husker Nation as the Cornhuskers stomp Illinois. It was the Huskers Big 10 opener and also their Home Coming. There has been a strong lineage of Huskers with the Name of Tommy and one past Tommy Husker has already voiced his concern with Bo Pelini’s lack of leadership during the programs decline to Mediocrity. Taylor Martinez is currently suffering from Turf Toe, but soon may be suffering From Grey Bench Soreness after getting benched for upstart Tommy Armstrong. Some of the so-called experts with deeper researchers then us should find out what happens to a team after their starter comes back from injury when the person who replaced them is clearly doing better. Why rock the boat. Husker fans will be all over Bo Pelini if Nebraska starts to slid again under Taylor Martinez’s return to the field. Let’s just hope for fair weather Coach.


10/2/2013. Nebraska Cornhusker Football Controversy Update!

Has back up quarterback Tommy Armstrong quietly taken over the starting quarterback for the Nebraska Huskers. Has Taylor Martinez played his last game as a started. There seems to be a lot of chatter in around Lincoln that Martinez may have started his last game. With all the focus on the Husker’s quarterback situation everyone is forgetting how bad their defense has been playing. The Huskers open Big 10 play hosting Illinois this weekend in Lincoln. The game is also the Huskers homecoming game. For premium husker tickets search them from the link above.



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