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Pitt Beats Spanish Flu and Georgia Tech, Wins National Championship. (And a Way-Too-Early Look at GT Roster Changes)

Need a topic to get you kids off of the shenanigans that have broken out since my last post.

Saw a tweet about the Georgia Tech 1918 season today, and well, it probably won’t get anyone off the “damn is there even going to be a season” topic, but it does make for a nice segue into Richard Hefner’s Way-too-Early Georgia Tech preview.  Gonna take a lot more than a pandemic to stop football down here in the south.

FWIW Tech went 6-1 that season and was coached by some guy named John Heisman.  Pitt went 4-1 and they were coached by one Pop Warner.  Interestingly enough Pitt handed tech their only loss that season.  A 32-0 beatdown at Forbes field.  Those 32 points represent the only points scored against Georgia Tech all season. (It’s unknown if the fans were wearing masks…)  The header image on this post is a picture from the actual game.  Per wikipedia:  Pitt’s Tom Davies runs against undefeated and unscored upon Georgia Tech in the 1918 game at Forbes Field. Pitt won the game 32–0 and is considered by many to be that season’s national champion.

Pitt 1918Pitt’s 1918 Football Schedule.  Turns our Scott Barnes and Steve Pederson share a common ancestor, and he was the guy that made Pitt’s schedule that year. Cleveland Naval Reserve two days after the Penn State Game? What the heck fella?

GT 1918

Tech’s 1918 football schedule.  Maybe they were overconfident after the NC State game?  Note that Pitt’s attendance has basically not changed in 100 years…

Georgia Tech

A Way to Early Look at Roster Changes

by Richard Hefner (Pitt-Cocks Fan)

For Head Coach Geoff Collins 2020 was his 2nd class, and the first class he could truly call his own. His 23-man class finished #24 in Rivals ranking. This class had a 3.06 average star ranking which translates to a 5.6 3-star. One of his four 4-stars was a Rivals top 100. One other recruit made the top 250.  (Editor’s note:  I guess the cash is flowing down on the flats…)

GT 1

Per Rivals, below is the 23 recruits by position. Highlighted is the most for that position in the ACC for 2020.


I guess they need O-linemen,  QB’s & defensive ends.  (Editor’s note:  They are switching from the triple option so OL and QB no surprise here.  I believe they are also switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 so that would explain the DE’s)

For Tex, this is the number of 5.7’s and above for the last 4 recruiting periods.


Georgia Tech’s Record over the last 5 years:

  • 2015 3-9
  • 2016 8-4 (9-4),
  • 2017 5-6
  • 2018 7-5 (7-6)
  • 2019 3-9

(Editor’s Note:  Geoff Collins inherited at back-to-back 10 win team at Temple and never won more than 8 games.  There is absolutely nothing that suggests he can do better than that at GT, and I’d be surprised if his overall record is better than Paul Johnson’s when it’s all said-and-done).  

So far, Georgia Tech has brought in 3 transfers from the portal:


Not a bad transfer haul. Solid in 24/7 recruiting numbers. All from P5 schools. Transfers must be looking for a good graduate school because I see no meaningful bowl in near future. Also, Georgia Tech must not be counting on the six 2020 OL recruits to be major impact players.

(Editor’s note:  Pat Narduzzi:  “I’m going to band-aid years of bad offensive line recruiting with grad transfers.”  Geoff Collins:  “Hold my beer”. )

Georgia Tech has 4 returning All ACC honorees:


Note: The Class shown is for the 2019 Season. For the 2020 season Jr. are now Seniors, So. are now Juniors.

The above was a brief snapshot of who Georgia Tech added & returned for the upcoming 2020 season.

Who did they lose from the 2019 season?

Georgia Tech lost no senior All ACC honorees in 2019. With a 3-9 record in 2019, nothing ventured, nothing lost.

Not surprising but Georgia Tech had no early entries to the NFL draft.

But Georgia Tech has lost 5 players to the Transfer Portal:


I do recognize Lucas Johnson. He started two games while the team searched for a viable QB in 2019.

Georgia Tech should improve on their 3-9 2019 season. At the least, they should beat their FCS opponent (Gardner-Webb).  They lost in 2019 to The Citadel. (In the interest of full disclosure my son(in-Law) is a graduate of & my grandson has committed to play baseball starting in 2022 at The Citadel.)

From Chris Peak’s Rivals site – Panther-lair, a review of Georgia Tech by the Chris Peak (or equivalent) of Georgia Tech.

I didn’t do a review of Pitt but here is Chris Peak’s review of Pitt.

Editor’s Note:  A reminder on discussion.  I’m fine with people discussing whether or not there will be a season, and throwing out facts and figures.  I’m not fine with people referencing the media, or making references to the “fake media” or the factual correctness of the media. It’s all jacked up, on both sides.  We know that.  Don’t bring it in to the conversation.  Also it’s okay for people to disagree with you.  Don’t call them names, and don’t make off-color references about them.  It’s okay to be heated, but keep it PG.  This is a family website.  Thanks and enjoy the discussion.  

Michaelangelo Monteleone Michaelangelo holds a degree in Travel Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. He was a former staff writer for InPittsburgh Newsweekly, and currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a Pitt fan since 1997 after he witnessed Pitt upset #22 Miami on Thursday night at Pitt Stadium.

Published May 6, 2020


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