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SEC Football Realignment Review | Saturday Tailgate

Beginning in the 2012-2013 season, Missouri and Texas A&M joined the SEC from the Big 12. The pursuit of playing in the most dominant football conference came true for them and their boosters. They hoped for an increase in team revenue along with more competitive football throughout the conference. At this time in 2012, the SEC has rattled off six straight national championships. On top of that, the SEC held a 16-8 head to head record against the Big 12 including bowl games from 2005-2011. The implications of this realignment have been vast on college football in revenue, winning and recruiting.

SEC Gridiron

Team W L Win %
Alabama 51 5 91%
Georgia 41 15 73%
LSU 36 20 64%
Florida 35 21 63%
Texas A&M 30 26 54%
Auburn 28 28 50%
Mississippi St 28 28 50%
South Carolina 28 28 50%
Missouri 27 29 48%
Ole Miss 23 33 41%
Vanderbilt 18 38 32%
Kentucky 17 39 30%
Tennessee 17 39 30%
Arkansas 13 43 23%

                                                                                 Conference Data 2012-2019

Conference play in the SEC is as rugged as it gets in the nation. It’s a price worth to pay because winning it all will lock you in for the playoffs. Since the realignment, Alabama has obviously taken a strangle hold on the SEC. What continues is the turnover of the other top teams every year. This is a result from developing top talent overall as conference that they recruit. Additionally, their average SOS as a conference is superior to those of the other Power 5. This top talent is proven by the SEC leading the number of players drafted as a conference year in and out. All of this stipulates into positive financial results where the SEC represents ten of the top 25 most valuable college football programs in the nation.

Texas A&M vs SEC

East W L Win %
South Carolina 5 0 100%
Vanderbilt 2 0 100%
Tennessee 1 0 100%
Kentucky 1 0 100%
Florida 1 1 50%
Missouri 1 2 33%
Georgia 0 0 N/A
Total 11 3 79%
West W L Win %
Arkansas 7 0 100%
Ole Miss 4 3 57%
Auburn 3 4 43%
Mississippi St 3 4 43%
Alabama 1 6 14%
LSU 1 6 14%
Total 19 23 45%

                                                                                 Conference Data 2012-2019

The only season where A&M had success in the SEC was in their first season behind the Heisman winner. Johnny Manziel and the team’s top highlight came on the road in an upset win against #1 Alabama. Excluding that season, the Aggies are 24-24 over the other six campaigns. When the realignment placed them in the SEC West, it was unfavorable since they are scheduled to face three prominent teams every season. Jimbo Fisher has a tough test in the upcoming season where they drew the fourth top SEC team as well (H: Aub, Bama | A: UGA, LSU). The move has been proven worthy in 2018 as they surpassed Texas for the most valuable college football program. Ticket sales have been a main factor in the increase with the daunted and prolific SEC schedule.

Missouri vs SEC

East W L Win %
Tennessee 5 2 71%
Vanderbilt 5 2 71%
Florida 4 3 57%
Kentucky 3 4 43%
South Carolina 2 5 29%
Georgia 1 6 14%
Total 20 22 48%
West W L Win %
Ole Miss 1 0 100%
Arkansas 4 1 80%
Texas A&M 2 1 67%
Alabama 0 2 0%
LSU 0 1 0%
Auburn 0 1 0%
Mississippi St 0 1 0%
Total 7 7 50%

                                                                                 Conference Data 2012-2019

Joining the SEC with some noise, Missouri now have a sub .500 record in conference play. Back to back SEC East champions (’13 and ’14) led them to the SEC title game, yet the Tigers lost both to Auburn and Alabama. The downward fall is continues by their 11-17 SEC record since. Barry Odom will need to continue signs of increase growth coming into his fourth season. His defense has decreased their PAPG in SEC play by 11 points, but it has not resulted in a significant increase in wins yet. With Kelly Bryant under center, things could begin to click on both sides of the ball for Mizzou. On a financial note since joining the SEC, Missouri athletics overall lost revenue in the 2016-17 fiscal year for the first time.

Oklahoma’s Big 12

Team W L Win %
Oklahoma 54 10 84%
Oklahoma St 39 24 62%
Kansas St 37 26 59%
TCU 36 27 57%
Texas 36 28 56%
Baylor 34 29 54%
WVU 33 30 52%
Texas Tech 23 40 37%
Iowa St 20 43 32%
Kansas 4 59 6%

                                                                                 Conference Data 2012-2019

Oklahoma has remained atop the Big 12 for overall conference record with 14 more wins than OK St. Lincoln Riley had no issues transitioning in for Bob Stoops which has led to consistent play. On the contrary, Kansas has free fallen with only winning four games. They are hoping Les Miles can turn it around for a program needing any sign of hope. Head to head against the SEC including bowl games from 2012-2019, the Big 12 is 16-19. That is great signs of improvement compared to where they stood from 2005-2011. The teams in the Big 12 were paid 5 million less than SEC schools reported in 2018.

Recruiting Impact

Texas A&M recruiting has shifted up a gear since joining the SEC. They have been capitalizing on keeping top Texas talent in state that previously wanted to play for a SEC team. Since joining, they have signed 52 Top 300 recruits from their state. Therefore, two teams are feeling the effects of this, Arkansas and Texas. The Hogs were a hotbed for top Texas talent and now, they are losing their footprint in Texas. This may have been a factor in Arkansas hiring Chad Morris last season as he was previously with SMU.

Biggest Loser: Texas

Team05-11 Win % 12-19 Win % Change in Win %
Baylor 32% 54% 22%
Kansas St 44% 59% 15%
Oklahoma 75% 84% 9%
Oklahoma St 58% 62% 4%
Iowa St 28% 32% 4%
Texas 70% 56% -14%
Texas Tech 54% 37% -18%
Kansas 33% 6% -27%

                                                                                   Conference Data 2005-2019

Texas has owned the head to head match-ups against the Aggies historically 76-37 but they have not met since the realignment. Before A&M was in the SEC, they had not out recruited the Longhorns. However, they have out recruited them in four of the season seasons since joining. Losing a stronghold on the Texas recruiting pipeline has led into effects in conference play. Depth is tested and can become a downfall in conference play. The Longhorns have seen their conference win percentage drop by 14% over the past seven seasons. They have only surpassed five conference wins twice since 2012 with one coming last season under Tom Herman.

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